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    Question MacBook Keyboard
    I'm an exchange student this year in USA and i'm thinking about buying a MacBook or a MacBook Pro. i just have 1 major problem. i would like to have a Danish Keyboard or at least Danish Keyboard software so i can write the 3 special letters we have and .
    a contacted Apple Store online but i cant get it through Apple store.
    I can buy the macbook in Denmark at the Danish Apple store but for some reason it cost 1000$ more, and they don't ship to USA
    i home some of you guys will help me figure it out.
    1. is it posible to buy danish "buttons" or a danish keyboard to put in the macbook or macbook pro?
    2. is there any other ways i can get at least danish software for the keyboard so it writes the special letters without replacing the buttons?
    3. anyone want to help me figure it out


    sorry for all the spelling errors

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    Well you could try setting that up under system preferences -> language & text. It's under the tab "Input Text." Check mark Danish and you should be able to start typing in that language.

    It helps to have the keyboard glyph open so you know which characters are where on the keyboard.

    You can do that by here:

    The keyboard looks like this:

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    I'll try to help with the little I know about using different languages on the Mac.

    I just checked the "input method" for languages - keyboards and Danish is listed. What that tells me is that you can select Danish as your language on your new Mac and also the Danish keyboard. However, the keyboard won't be an actual physical Danish keyboard. Instead the Danish keyboard will be displayed on the screen.

    If it's just those three characters that are different, you should be able to use the "character viewer" to create them. Like this: , , .

    By the way, my keyboard and language is standard US English. Hope that helps you somewhat.


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    There's a couple options you have. Here's the easiest way that I can think of:

    1. Buy whatever mac you're thinking about buying.
    2. Change the language to "Danish", which is accessible through these menus:
    "Apple button">System Preferences>International
    3. Order a Danish keyboard cover for the macbook (Probably from a Danish retailer online)

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    thx everyone
    now there is only one problem and thats the money part, and i have to figure that out my self

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    a guy from a danish forum i'm using just gave me another way to do it, there is even better.. he told me to go into a apple store over here and just get them to order one home for me. then i could get it with danish keyboard without any extra cost.. i'm going to try that and see if it works

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    How did it go
    Im im kind of the same situation. Im going to the states and I would like to buy a new Macbook air. Did you succed in boying a mac with Danish keybord?. How aboud the power adapter, where there any problems using that in Denmark.

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