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Thread: Unibody Making creaking noises

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    Unhappy Unibody Making creaking noises
    I have a new white unibody macbook, the ones that were released on october of 2009. The first day i got it, it was solid as a rock. I could pick it up from anywhere it was completely silent. It made no creaking noises whatsoever. However now that i have had it for at least half a week, the bottom plate makes a creaking noises whenever i push on it in the middle. Should i be worried or is it normal? Right now its nothing major but the noise is annoying because it will sound whenever i put it on my lap. What should I do???

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    Don't put it on your lap. Seriously, notebook computers are not "laptops" and shouldn't be used that way. Use a flat solid surface or a notebook stand. Not only will your new unibody MacBook cool better, there's less of a chance it will bend and make creaking noises. Since the machine is new, if the creaking gets worse or leads to bending and\or cracking of the body, take it on in to Apple.


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    yea, MacBooks will get hot... take it to an Apple store if the problem persists.
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