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    white vertical lines, is it normal? late umbp
    Whenever I run front row, brightness all the way up, I can see a couple of white, thick (or stripes) vertical lines starting from the bottom of the screen. It doesn't look too bad, I'm just concerned because I never noticed this before. All I'm asking for is to know if it's normal, no need to flame the topic. I'll appreciate it, thanks.

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    If thats all you are wanting ... Then no it isnt normal. Especially if you have never noticed it before.

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    Oh ok. Actually, I do want to know more How many LED lights does the umbp screen has? Also, can you tell me where I can notice it? Sorry if it sounds illiterate. I'm just curious because when it comes to other notebooks, you can actually locate the led lights throughout both sides of the screen. I want to make sure because I may be mistaking those vertical stripes with the LED lights on the umbp screen.

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