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    Lightbulb How Hot Does Your MacBook Get
    I just got my new white unibody macbook and i wanted to know how hot some of your macbooks got just to have some comparison. I am running SMC Fancontrol and it shows that my macbook gets 102 F. Also how safe is it to use smc fancontrol and what is a safe speed to set the fans at???

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    The fans are thermostatically controlled by SMC. When you run SMCFanControl, you're basically usurping that control, which is largely unnecessary and can cause unnecessary wear on your fans. If the machine wasn't running within tolerances, it would shut down.
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    I too have smcFanControl and mostly use it to let me know the temp. and fan speeds. My MBP usually idles around 120-130F and 150-175F under strain. I don't have any facts to back this up, but personally I would start worrying about the temp. once/if it gets to about 180-200F. I'm not sure if that's still safe for the CPU, but I wouldn't like it and would shutdown or put a fan on it to cool off. 102F is very cold for a CPU lol. The only time mine is that low is when I first open it from sleep overnight. Like cwa107 said, you machine will know when it needs to shut-off from high temp. Good luck!
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    If your computer gets too hot it will shut down. If it isn't shutting down then I wont worry about fans speeds and what not.
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