I have a macbook pro (10.6)and run windows xp virtual machine under parallels 4. Apart from using time machine as my backup solution, I would like to use some sync software (used in an incremental way), either from the mac or windows sides, to sync "my documents" with a datastick which I would then like to download on a windows pc. I tried some free syncing software on the mac side but this demanded the datastick be formatted in a way which could not be read by windows. I tried installing synctoy (ms software which did just what I wanted as a pc user in the past) in xp under parallels and I could see my documents under z: in parallels and also the (windows formatted) datastick when plugged in to the virtual machine. Everything seemed to be going ahead but the software hung. I restarted, then reinstalled but still the same problem. Can anybody suggest a solution to my task please?