Hi Everyone,
The storey is the logic board in a Macbook A1181 (Santa Rosa?) I was given is fried and needs replacing . I stripped it down today (thanks to ifixit) cleaned all internals put it back together and still dead (also needs a new screen and optical drive).

My question is because it needs all main components can I use a logic board that is not exactly the same- obviously it would be from a MacBook and then how would I know which was the correct screen? -(current broken screen is an LP133WX1)
Also I will need to get some type of optical drive but there seems to be rather a lot of:

1.- cables to connect to board
2.- Variety of optical/ superdrives.

So not sure how to choose- I don't need anything too fancy- I can do that on my iMac.

I know most will say why not just get a new one? but I love a challenge and I like the idea of saving this thing.

Many thanks in advance.