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    Getting parts for MacBook Pro 15" previous generation
    Hi everyone!
    I have dead MacBook Pro 15" previous generation. As I described in my first thread, this laptop doesn't boot up. I tried to use Mac OS 10.5 disc to boot it up, and was able to get to initial screen. I ran utility and no problem was found.
    So I went to Apple store to find out what do I need to do to bring it back to life. The guy who was helping be said that HD is dead and I will need new one. I will also need more RAM if I want Snow Leopard. This will cost me as following:
    160GB HD - $135
    RAM - I will have to by online as they don't have it in the store
    Labor - $85
    Plus 5-7 days
    He said that he will install Leopard, but didn't say anything about price.
    I said OK and left. I then went online and here what I found:
    320GB HD - $62 with shipping
    2GB RAM - $45 with shipping
    labor - free as I will be doing it myself.
    Sorry for long and boring story, but now is straight to the point.
    Because I am new MAC user and my laptop doesn't power up fully, I don't know what type of RAM I need. I know that HD must be 5400RPM. I removed battery and here what I copied from there: 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo/512Mb/128Mb VRAM/80GB-5400PM, Model A1150
    Can anyone tell me what type of RAM I need? I know this laptop takes up to 2GB.
    I also need to know if Snow Leopard that is sold for $30+ on Apple website is what need.
    I apologize once again for such boring post, but it seems that Apple guys don't really want to disclose much information. They probably want me to do everything in store, but because this laptop is no longer covered by warranty, I prefer not to pay them and do everything myself.
    Looking forward to reading your replies.

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