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sjackson 10-27-2009 09:30 PM

Overcharged battery!
I am new to this forum, so be easy on me! :)
I have quickly searched the forum and was unable to find a similar problem.

I recently acquired a PowerBook G4 1 GHz (Aluminum) that came with a battery that is reading a full charge capacity of 23,616 mAh!! I believe that it's supposed to be closer to 4,000.
The battery has a cycle count of 874 and works for about 30-60 minutes depending on the usage. From 100%, it'll go down to about 93% before suddenly dying.
My question is, does the full charge capacity (23,616 mAh) represent a dangerous overcharge situation?

chscag 10-27-2009 09:51 PM

No, it represents a defective battery. :) Replace it. 874 cycles is the number of times it sustained a charge - recharge. That's a lot of cycles. Time for a new battery.


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