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    MacBook Pro Falls, problems ensue.
    I dont know if anyone has posted a thread like this before, if they have, im sorry but I dont have time to search through hundreds of threads

    I live in an apartment with my friend. About 2 weeks ago our friends came up for the weekend and were hanging out in our room. I was coming back from class, I walked in exhausted and sat down in my bed, simultaneously my laptop, which was left on the end of my bed by my friend, fell off. This was due to negligence and my negligence only. The screen "cracked" i guess, rendering the upper right hand portion of my screen unusable. Ill try to upload pictures when i get a chance, but it looks like someone shot my screen. the other 65% of the screen is usable, and i had not tried to use the iSight until yesterday...turns out that my iSight is broken also.

    Now, given the fact that applecare doesnt cover accidents, what do you think the damage is(in $ of course).

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Man that sucks...

    I really don't like to throw around numbers, but I have a feeling its going to be in the range of $500 dollars. Maybe more. But the only real way you will find out is contacting apple.
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    I've had two mbp screens go. The first one was a drop. I went in to the Apple store directly (had to travel a couple hours). The guy there said it was going to cost me 1200 dollars (Canadian), 800 if he didn't charge me for labour (I was a student and I think he felt bad for me)--the MBP was less than a year old, so, despite the fact that I couldn't afford it, I said go ahead. I DEFINITELY couldn't afford to be without my laptop or to replace it with another MBP. Now, I'm not saying this would happen every time, but when I went in to pick it up? The lovely applecare rep at the Apple store had done something on some paperwork and the screen was replaced 100% free of charge. It may have helped my case that the drop was EXTREMELY minimal (6 inches or less).

    My second screen break happened when I had the laptop sitting in front of me, on a flat kitchen table, while I was using the trackpad in photoshop. The screen flickered and when it came back the screen was shattered! No impact! Apple was prepared to replace the screen, but I ended up with a new laptop due to back-ordered screens and poor customer service from an apple reseller. Again, applecare covered it.

    Your mileage may vary, but I've had good luck this way with Canadian Applecare. My best (and fastest) luck has been dealing with Applecare face-to-face in an Apple store, though. I highly recommend that you go to an Apple store if you can, just from my experiences.

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    being that the iSight camera is broken too... they would have to fix that also huh? probably cost more? its been 2 weeks and im still in shock.

    heres a couple of pictures

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    My understanding was that they replaced the whole top of my laptop when they replaced my screen, though I could be wrong. I can't remember if they had to or not, but I think that they do by default, whether iSight is working or not.

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    Your best bet may be to sell your current laptop and buy a new one.

    If the laptop will cost 1000 to fix it, it may not be worth it.

    People buy laptops with cracked screens all the time.

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    Ouch. That looks like quite the raspberry on there! What I would do if I were you is just take it in to an Apple store. They are usually really good about that stuff. I just had the top case on my black-macbook replaced and it's over 2 years old! They replaced it for free because the AppleCare guy found some issue that was plaguing this model of MacBook. He found the issue and said that was the reason for my visit.

    They are really your best option...

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