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    Question Advice: MBP 15 vs 17
    I am having the hardest time deciding which size screen to get. I'm going to get the 3.06 ghz processor and 500 gb 7200rpms upgrades no matter which size I get. The only con that is stopping me from purchasing a 17 inch is that it doesn't have an SD card reader built in. I'm used to using a 15.4inch laptop so I really don't know which I want to go for or what to expect with using a 17inch. I tried playing with some at best buy but I don't know. Ill be lugging it around at college.

    And another thing, would the sims 3 and newer resident evil games work well with this laptop? My dell won't even run them.

    I'm currently using a dell inspiron 1521 and it is by far the worst pc i have ever owned. So, I am finally going with a Mac. Any thoughts?

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    Let's see... you're carrying it around a lot, you want the SD slot, I'd go with the 15".
    You'll probably miss that card reader more than an extra 2 inches, which both of them you cannot upgrade.

    And don't you worry about playing the games you mentioned... they'll play

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    I had a 15" powerbook and replaced it with a 17" MBpro with same specs u want and it fits in the same bag i had and it isn't any heavier than my old 15" The SD slot really isn't all that useful to me tho. The 3.06 and 7200 rpm drive is really nice.. U will like it.

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    You don't want to lug around a 17" MBP at a college or university that's for sure. They barely fit on the desk in the lecture halls. Not to mention the long walks to the different buildings on campus is going to really slow you down.

    15" is best compromise between portability and power. It can be used as a desktop replacement as well.

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    Oct 25, 2009
    MacBook Pro 17"; 3.06 Ghz; 4gb RAM; 500 GB HD 7200 rpm;
    Just ordered a 17inch MBP on Friday, should be here soon.
    I got the upgraded 7200 rpm HD and 3.06 GHz Processor

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