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Thread: Screen Problems

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    Screen Problems
    Hey I tried searching but couldn't find anyone with a similar problem. Over the summer my LCD had cracked on my 13.3 Gen 1 Macbook. I ordered a Samsung replacement off of eBay, followed directions I had found on the internet. Replacement went well and I had tested out the computer and everything had worked perfectly fine for the next month or so. I noticed one day that as I was opening the macbook up it would flicker. I would move the screen back and forth and the signal would go in and out depending on where it was. It got worse as the days went on and now it doesnt work at all. I had thought I may have screwed up the inverter but I replaced it to no avail. I also ordered a new LCD to no avail assuming the blacklight may have blown. Thoughts on whats wrong? Wires? Also, Im getting tired of spending money on only trying to figure out the problem, if it comes to this where should I send it to get fixed? I don't feel like paying $750 to Apple for something that can be done for way way less.

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    Since you said it flickered when you moved it and only in a certain position and now it doesn't work at all, I would guess a wire or connection was worn loose or wasn't put back in place properly and now is broken. Might want to open it up and check all wires and connections if you haven't yet. Good luck.
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