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    Cuts out when booting

    I need some help, i've recently acquired a a macbook, it's the 2007 model intel 2.16Ghz, very nice bit of kit but when i got it it had windows XP on, i tried to boot from a Leopard disc and it got to the loading screen and just cut out, i have a leopard install on a memory stick and the same thing happened with that. The MacBook didnt even see my tiger disc or USB stick but i'm not sure if you can put tiger on an intel model.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help me.
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    Need some clarification....

    You say the MacBook has Windows XP on it. Does it also have OS X installed? In other words, is the computer setup to dual boot between OS X and XP?

    And... What kind of Leopard install disk are you using? If you're not using a retail copy (black version) then you must use a Leopard install disk (gray) that is specific for that machine.

    Respond back and we can go from there.


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    It only had Windows XP, I plugged the harddrive into another mac and formatted it as HFS+ so it now has nothing on it.

    I tried with a mac pro disk but didn't expect that to work, the version i have on my USB stick though is retail, or at least i think it is.
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