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    Mac OS X on a Windows laptop?
    I'm going to (if this isn't possible) eventually upgrade to Windows 7 for this Compaq laptop because of supposedly improved performance for what I need doing live music performances on it. I'm wondering if it's possible to instead somehow install Mac OS X version 10.4 or above on the laptop. It's a dual core Intel Celeron (laptop was $300 new) with like 2 or 4gb memory.

    Is my idea even possible or plausble?

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    It is against the EULA (the software license) you agree to when installing OS X to install it on non-Apple hardware. Therefore, "the how" is not something that is allowed within the forum..
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    There is also some breaking of copy protection involved that brings in the DCMA copyright act. A Windows computer will not even boot from an OSX DVD plus what apple is using EFI and not a bios. A crack has to be installed and that makes it breaking their protection and against the law. People argue this all the time but what is being done is very illegal.

    Like Bobtomay said, we do not allow any discussion of any illegal activities on Mac Forums.

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