First off let me just mention I am a pc guy and I am trying to apply what I know from pcs into this Mac, never had a problem troubleshooting pcs but this one I am stumped on. Lets begin...

I am currently trying to repair a iBook G3 A1005, the problem I am having is that I hit the power button and I hear the chime, but the screen remains on a whiteish (sorta gray) screen, does not have the typical gray apple logo, just a plain solid color.

Now when I first got the iBook the screen was broken, I ordered a new one and replaced it, then the iBook had a bad hard I replaced that as well and installed OSX Tiger (possibly Panther, it was 10.4)on the machine.

The iBook ran great for a few days until one day I went to start it and this started happening.

Now I have been doing some research and heard that the video card likes to fall off the logic board on these models, but would that cause the screen to light up white? Wouldn't I just have a black screen there?

I tried booting off the disc again and I get nothing, I hear the chime, the disc spins but no image.

What could be wrong here I am open to any ideas, I can repair hardware by soldering it back onto the board if need be, I have repaired motherboard and done almost everything you can think of...just not on Macs.

so lemme thank any one who helps in advance, also if someone says bad logic board, how and why would it go bad when everything was working fine? I can see it going bad during the repairs but it breaking after everything was running for a few days?