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    Is it possible to get a 2nd replacement?
    Hi everyone. This is my first post and I'm more than glad to become part of this discussion board.

    Last year, I have purchased the early 2008 macbook pro, stock version. I also purchased Applecare on it of course. Unfortunately, I had to send it out to apple many times due to different failures such as trackpad, uneven lid, and no sound on one speaker. I went through so much with my very first mac... One day I called apple for a replacement and they were more than generous to exchange it for the new umbp, late 2008, 2.4ghz stock version. The next day I went to pick up my new notebook. One of the genius techs told me that I have an option of adding a newer applecare protection. For me, that wasn't an option, since I already have purchased an extended warranty for my notebook.

    Now, after 5 months of using my new umbp, im getting through many problems. First problem was with the bezel; there seems to be a bunch of crack lines. I have no idea how those cracks got there. Second, when I'm typing, I hear a cracking sound around the chassis. I tried to ignore the noise, but it kept distracting me so I called apple for a repair. Gladly enough, Apple sent me a box for the repair. As soon as I got my mac back from repair, it came worse. I began to hear creaking sounds throughout the right side of the chassis. In addition to that, the cracking noise sounds worse than the first time. I called apple again and asked them for another repair. What im wondering is, is it possible that I can get a 2nd replacement? Such as a newer umbp if I'm still going through problems with my second (replaced) macbook pro?

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    Sorry, but we don't know. The forum is not affiliated with Apple. Any answer here would be pure speculation. Would suggest when you call Apple, ask them.
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