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    Macbook To Hdtv Size?
    Hi ive just brought a dvi to hdmi cable for my macbook to get it on the big screen,when i plug in i lose the top and bottom of my macbook screen, is there a way of resizing? ive change to some lower resolutions and the problem gets worse? any tips anyone? cheers

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    1. On your Mac - System Preferences / Displays - I forget which tab off hand, last one on the right I think - turn off Overscan. This is going to give you bars on the top and bottom of the screen and possibly all 4 sides. This is the option I live with. Although, I don't connect my Mac much anymore since I'm now using a Win7 HTPC exclusively for this purpose.

    2. Some TV's that have a dedicated DVI/HDMI port specifically for computers have a setting in their menu to turn off overscan when using a PC.

    3. Get SwitchResX and play around with custom resolution settings until you find the one that works on your TV.
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    thanks very much will give that a try later,cheers mate

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