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Thread: really need professional's advice

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    Question really need professional's advice
    first of all thanks for reading this, i just made this account..don't know how to use it, anyways here is the problem..that im having

    Australia money btw,

    Macbook white (old version) -$1,599
    Macbook white (new version) - $1,299

    Macbook pro -$1,899 (before the new macbook white was release)
    Macbook pro -$1,499 (october 21st, and its cheaper ?)

    Why is the new macbook white cheaper than before the older version..? shouldn't it be a lot expensive ? because they have added the new multi touch pad on the new macbook white..?

    and another problem is that..

    i can afford either white or pro..
    i personally don't use firewire or the SD slots but i know the SD slots might be uses at times :S

    i don't know which one to get..and thats why i made an account and tho i ask for help here..and the different of it is just the macbook white 250 gb hard drive and the macbook pro has 160 gb hard drive..

    im going to tafe next study graphic design and communications
    i heard from my friends that i should get the pro version because it slightly smoother than the white macbook. also i will most likely to run some games like..Maple Story, WOW, Cod4(mw2 if it works but mw1 is good), might have dota or need for speed carbon. please help me and this laptop that either which one..IT IS going to be my LIFETIME laptop until it breaks. please give me some good advice for picking which one..

    more details..i knew i couldn't afford the macbook pro when it was $1,899 but i wanted pro because of the multi touch pad..and the old macbook white doesn't have them before.. and since now the macbook white has the multi touch pad.. and now i want the illumi keys because its now $1,499 saved $400 there please help me out

    thanks for the answer(if there is any)


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    Cheaper prices could mean a number of possibilities. Competitive pricing, cheap manufacturing parts, less build quality, etc. The new Macbooks lack firewire (which is quite useful for video editing and even troubleshooting) which is nice to have, and no dedicated line-in. Which isn't something that most people use since the Macbook already has a mic builtin.

    If you're going to graphic study, you want the better quality screen which is the Macbook Pro. You'll notice the difference immediately.

    Otherwise, not really sure what you're asking to be honest. If you can afford the Pro, much better investment. Also, you may want the 15" because of your area of interest.
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    The newer MB lost Firewire. Audio in and out are now merged together, and no more removable battery. Some people don't like that. Plus I don't think the glass trackpad alone is worth the 300 dollar price difference.

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    Plus Apple is based in the USA and has varying prices at its locations throughout the world. In the US, the price sheet looks the same. $999 for the whitebook, 1199 to break into the pro line.

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    They just rearranged the prices to make changes to their new lineup. Go for the most expensive one you can afford!

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