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    Late 2008 Macbook Aluminum, buy Apple care?
    Hey guys. I've had my late 2008 macbook alum for almost a year now, and I was wondering if owners of this model have shelled out the cash to buy 2 additional years of warranty via Apple Care. So far, I've had no issues whatsoever with this macbook. I've heard both pros and cons of additional warranty. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    I always buy extended warranty on any laptop it has come in handy a time or
    two but if you upgrade alot maybe not but I keep mine for at least four years.

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    If you have the money do it.

    If money is an issue, don't.

    I would personally buy it, but thats just me.

    If something were to go wrong with my 1,000 dollar laptop and I didn't have a warranty, I would be pretty sad...

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    I would definitely recommend purchasing AppleCare. Most problems occur a year or two after you purchase your laptop, so don't think that just because you haven't had any trouble yet that you never will.

    I've had a bunch of warranty work done on my Macbook all within the last year. Had I not purchased AppleCare, I would have spent much more than the $180 it cost to purchase the extended warranty on all the repairs. My sister had a hardware problem crop up on her Macbook about two years after she got it and it's the same situation, the repair cost much more than AppleCare.

    AppleCare is totally worth it, especially if you qualify for a student discount. Get it while you still can!

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    Nov 02, 2008
    13.3" Macbook Aluminum, 2.0 GHz 2 GB DDR3 (Late 2008)
    Thanks for the replies. Applecare for my Macbook will cost $249. I was looking up Applecare on eBay, and some are selling it for as low as $75. Anyone have experience buying this product from eBay. Is it legit?

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