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    Disk Utility / Partition problem
    Hey guys, first of all, I hope I'm posting in the right part of the forum, if not feel free to move it..

    Now, I've been googling for about 5 hours and trying to solve this and I've tried all answers I've got.. with no success, I've also noticed I'm not the only one with this problem. Onto the problem:

    I've had a Linux partition laying around for a while, and I figured it was time to get the space back to my OS X, so I went to the Disk Utility, I marked the HDD and I clicked "Partitions" .. next I clicked the linux one, and I clicked the "-" .. to remove it and add that space to the OSX HDD.. what I got was the "Preparing something something" message, and that's all, it doesn't get further it just chews on that bone forever. So I tried to remove the linux swap partition (about 700mb). And it seems to remove it perfectly, for about 3 seconds, then it's back there in the list, so I can't remove that one either.

    Now I've tried everything Google gave me, I've tried doing it from the OSX cd installation and the Disk Utility app there, from the terminal there, basically all the basic stuff, but they all give me some kind of error.

    Now what I did was I was in the OSX installation with the cd, and I though ah what the **** I can try to install OSX to the Linux partition too, maybe that will lock it up and let me remove it afterwards. I did, the install went fine, but I still can't remove it , still the same problem, so now I have two OSX!

    I'm even considering to format the whole thing now and do a fresh install of OSX, I just pray that will actually help, the last thing I want is to do that and lose a bunch of files, and then still be stuck with a useless 15 gb partition.

    Is there anything I can do except for formating it? I'm even thinking about buying iPartition.. is it any good? I'm also thinking about trying to put in a linux cd and start linux live and try to merge them or something..?


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    Ok so guys, I said feck it and I tried with a live Ubuntu CD and it worked! .. Thanks anyways! Hope I didn't make too much of a mess here

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