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    Oct 21, 2009
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    Greetings all,

    I am new to the mac world as well as this forum. I recently bought a macbook aluminum (late 2008), but some defect got me a new deal from the store manager. He asked me if i wanted to exchange my defective macbook for option 1) the new poly macbook 2009 that was just released a few days ago, or 2) macbook pro aluminum

    both as baseline models and has almost identical specs.


    I decided to take a loss here. I chose the White Macbook Unibody 2009. Althought i loved my aluminum laptop so much and was so happy to get a new one, let alone that it was a pro model, but the problem was, i know there are a few issues with it. I had it for a few days i know its pretty heavy, its also pretty slippery. The casing is very sensible to scratches and damage such as dents. Overall too delicate. The white macbook on the other hand is a newer model for one, and 2 i really dont need anything like SD card or FIREWIRE. i am just a websurfer, you know? I know i am stupid for not getting the more expensive model, but seriously, the macbook in my hands for 3 days, in the sleeve has already suffered tremedous amount of damage and scratches from the edge of the desk to the zippers of the sleeves. So im going with the safer choice here.

    Thanks for listening, hope that helps some of you take the PLUNGE!!!!


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    sounds like you made the best choice. You got the best thing for YOUR needs. functionality over looks.. i
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    CPU Speed, Specs, RAM, HD Space is not the holy grail all the time. It seems like you made a good choice and I will use the same argument when my spouse needs a new laptop.

    She just surfs the web, listen to music and adding some photos in iphoto. This type of usage doesnt need that much horsepower.

    Buy the computer that fits your needs. There is no reason to overkill.
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    Logical choice, I would think. Good for you.

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    thanks all, believe me! i was at the store, STONED when they said they would replace it with a new unit. When the choice was brought upon me, i really wanted to cry because i truly liked everything about the macbook pro aluminum!!!! and its a major upgrade for me too. Initially i bought the macbook aluminum from for about 899 after rebate. so....u gain some you lose some.

    I just decided to create this post, because i see alot of people wondering which one to get.

    Just pick the one you are most comfortable with, not asthetically.

    I been a 15 year PC USER!!! now proud owner of a mac!!!


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    Awesome! I think they look awesome, and seem extremely functional as well.. Very cool!
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    Seems like you'll be much happier with the plastic Macbook.

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    is it the newer macbook that came out yesterday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attimus View Post
    is it the newer macbook that came out yesterday?
    Yes, he was referring to the new one. Released on Tuesday I believe.
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