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Thread: Ejecting Discs

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    Ejecting Discs
    My Macbook Pro has suddenly stopped ejecting discs on the button. Doesn't work at all, and you cannot even hear it trying to do it.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this and get round it please? I know how to manually eject on boot up, but how can i eject them while running?

    Any help greatly appreciated...

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    You can try cleaning the drive although it's not likely that will cure the problem. Have you tried to do a software eject? (Command click or right click on the CD or DVD icon image and select eject.)

    Also, if you're using any kind of third party software to modify keyboard shortcuts, turn it off or remove it temporarily to see if it's the cause.

    If the drive still refuses to eject any disk (CD, DVD, commercial, recorded, etc.) it could be defective. The only cure is to replace the drive. You don't want to run into a situation where a disk is stuck in the drive and can't be ejected even on startup.


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    Cheers for that. I shall have to have a bit of a play around and try to persuade it to spit it out...!

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    Have you tried dragging the disc icon on the desktop (or in the Finder) to the trash? That usually ejects it. But if that doesn't work, (though you should still try it) it probably is the disc drive.
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