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    your mac experience wth adobe LRroom and Photoshp. Which mac2get?
    I had a question or two about getting a new Mac and thought I'd ask your advice.

    I'm working mainly on my old powerbook G4 at the moment (hooked up to a monitor for any editing) 1.5GHZ and 1.25 GB ram.
    I love this book because it is so's perfect for travel.

    I have been shooting mainly with the Canon 5d and using mainly Lightroom 2.0 and then some Photoshop CS3 for most of my editing. That's pretty much all I need my computer to work with - not really concerned with games or movies or video edits and such.

    But as you can imagine, it's just too slow. I'm guessing that the new Macbook Pro is going to be so much faster than my current set-up. At the moment, I'm waiting like 7-10secs for each images to load in Lightroom Develop mode which is just forever when going through a thousand images. Not sure if you are using LRoom, but I'm guessing the new computers would load immediately.

    So my main priority is having a small laptop for any future travels. I've looked at the 13.3 inches but the whole package seems to be about 14 inches total and looks a lot larger than my 12".
    Ideally, I'd love to have a solid desktop, maybe an imac or G5 and a macbook; but there's no way I can afford that.

    I've been waiting to but a macbook to see if another version will come out soon and maybe a smaller model. It seemed the current macbooks have been around for a couple years now. I was thinking about buying a mac mini as a temp situation; but it's still about $800 for a well equipped mini to fit my needs and if I'm spending that much, I might as well spend 1500 and take care of my laptop needs for the next few years.

    What would your advice be on getting a new set-up? I like the full power of the macbook 17" but I'm only gonna use the 13" so it has a little slower processor. But it sounds like I can get one decked out for about 1500 and I'm guessing it would at least double my current set-up; which I'd be happy with.
    I also considered looking for friends with any used mac's that would be a step up for myself and still be an affordable temp situation. My backup right now is the apple Power PC G4 desktop, so anything is gonna be fast than that.
    Thanks for the advice.

    Matt Wright

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    There is no such thing as 17" MacBook. There is a 17" Macbook Pro. I wouldn't spend 1500 dollars on a decked out MBP, as you can probably get the ram and HDD upgraded from various other third party vendors for a lot cheaper.

    The two things that you can upgrade are the CPU and the GPU. You need to buy accordingly.

    I myself really like the 13" MB as well. I think it's the perfect size to lug around when you want to have work done.

    If you don't need a dedicated video card, then this would be the obvious choice for mobility. Providing you don't mind working on a 13" screen.

    For those that need the screen real estate and the extra power from a dedicated card, obviously need the 15" or 17" MBP.

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