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Thread: mini dvi to hdtv sound?

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    Jan 03, 2009
    mini dvi to hdtv sound?
    hi ive just ordered a mini dvi to hdmi cable to hook my macbook up to my panasonic veira and ive had a thought, im sure dvi doesnt carry sound so im guessing i have to use an audio cable into the headphone slot and red and white on the other end into the tv. but i have no red and white slot for my hdmi channel. could anyone help me. thanks Dean

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    I believe you are correct. Normal HDMI to HDMI will carry sound, but since your output is for video only (DVI) to HDMI, there is no audio signal to carry. You will have to get an adapter for your headphone port.

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    hi thanks for reply, what do you mean by adapter for the headphone port? the tv headphone port? thanks

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    This is what you want to look for. Shop around and you can find them pretty cheap. Also you'll want one at least 3 or 4 feet to reach to the back of your TV.

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    hi i do have one of them but i dont know where to plug it in to make the sound come out the hdmi channel?

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    The Panasonic Veira line, at least from the S1 model on down does not have a separate audio input that will work in conjunction with it's HDMI ports. Have not looked at the G10 that close yet. This is true for most TV's.

    Samsung has started putting a single "DVI-HDMI" port on some of their TV's that does offer a separate audio input for those connecting their computers via HDMI. I wouldn't trade my Panny for one of them, I doubt that you would either.

    They also do not have a VGA (or RGB) port.

    If you want sound, you'll have to run a line from your Mac to your A/V receiver. Preferably an optical port if it has one. If you don't have one, it's time to get one to go along with that Panny.
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    Hi i found this after reading through your forum and searching through the net

    Kanex iAdapt 51 MDP to HDMI® w/ 5.1 Channel Digital Audio

    what are your recommendation on this because it seems pricey at 69.99 therefore i would like to know if it is worth it because my Macbook Pro is purchased prior to 2010 there fore i dont think it comes with the new DVI port that supports audio.
    thanks if anyone could help on this

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