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    Macbook Random Restart?

    I bought a Macbook 13 inch in July for school. Works great. But today I was working and it just suddenly, without warning, reverted to the sky blue screen and RESTARTED.

    I had plenty of things open. I was drawing on Photoshop (elements 4.0) with my tablet, and of course I lost all the changes I didn't save. Safari was open with a couple tabs, and I had a radio drama playing, streaming online from a safe site.

    So why the heck did it restart without warning!?

    Last night I was on my Windows 7 Release candidate with Virtual Box, but I don't think that should affect anything.

    I looked on my system preferences and noticed a program I didn't notice before, called MacFUSE, down in my "other" preferences. Was it there already? I don't remember. What does it do?

    Anyway. It's version 10.5. Any thoughts? I'm scared of it happening again.

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    If the random restart was a one time occurrence I wouldn't worry about it. You may have run out of system memory with all the stuff you had going on at once. If it does it again, (restarts randomly for no apparent reason), then it's time to let Apple look at it since it's still under warranty.

    As for MacFuse, it provides read - write capability on the NTFS partition that you have for Win 7.


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