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    Macbook Pro wont turn on...
    It sounds like it wants to boot up but nothing shows on the screen. It even makes the "chime" sound. Battery is fully working and I tried the contrl, command +P+R with no luck. Please help. Thanks

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    Does it show anything on the screen at all? White screen, grey screen, blue screen etc.? If the screen shows nothing, and the following instruction doesn't help anything, you may have an issue with your screen or the connection to your screen from your Mac.

    Have you tried inserting the OS X disc and holding "c" while it starts up to see if it will boot from the CD? If so, you can go through the CD and use the Disk Utility to verify/repair disk permissions and verify/repair disk (if repair disk is grayed-out after verifying disk, don't worry about it). After you run both of these, reboot and see if it will load up this time.

    Good luck.
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    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    The screen is black or just say no color at all. We did try that OS disk deal at work and that didnt work either. My coworkers said the same thing about it maybe being a bad screen.

    I do hear sound like things are running in there. I can put my ear on the bottom and hear hard drives working and stuff.

    So thats probably it then uhhh? A bad screen? Any idea on cost?

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    So... I got it fixed. Woot!

    I ended up taking the laptop to our local apple store. Well it ended up being my graphics card.

    I guess the company got sued by apple not too long ago for installing faulty Gcards and agreed to fix all "Recalls". I must have missed the memo but it got fixed free of charge.

    Thanks for helping me narrow it down guys.
    Till next time. All the best.

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