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Thread: Sound Card Static

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    Oct 17, 2009
    Sound Card Static
    I have had the original 15" MacBook Pro's for a while. To be honest I worked mostly in Windows Vista on it for my company. As I do more work in Leopard, I have noticed a an annoying static that comes from the sound card when music or sound swells a little. The problem is intermittent. Even playing the sound over again may not result in the same static in the same place in the recording.

    I have read on other forums that this is definitely hardware problem. People have been advised to return their MacBook Pro until they get one with a good sound card. I am not convinced, though that this is a sound card problem because the static comes and goes. Today I used Audacity to play the same sound file in Windows Vista and OSX on the same MacBook Pro. OSX has the intermittent static through the sound card and Windows does not. I have repeated the tested numerous times and the results are the same: OSX static and Windows no static.

    Does anyone have any more info on the sound card static issue? Could it be the driver in OSX and not the hardware?



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    Mar 23, 2011
    Unhappy Soundcard Static
    I am having the same problem too with my macbook pro. I use a music recording program called Reason. Lately my audio samples are getting random static. I thought it was my headphones at first but its definitely the macbook itself. Do I need to upgrade my soundcard? Have I damaged the soundcard with the different frequencies from my music? If anyone has insight or suggestions please let me know!

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