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    Disc drive won't accept/read any DVD's
    I have a mid-2009 Macbook Pro 13", running snow leopard, and about 1.5 weeks ago I switched to region 2. Everything worked fine, all DVD's played without issue. Then yesterday, my computer would only read one of my DVD's and today it won't read any. It takes the DVD into the drive, makes a few clicking noises then makes a kind of quiet little repeating buzz and after a little bit, rejects the disc. Any ideas? Any way I can reset the drive mechanically or digitally?

    ps It is an extreme pain to use any Apple support services, phone calls or anything as I do not have a phone currently. that is why I am trying here first, any help will be much appreciated.

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    This sadly sounds like a faulty drive, which has been known.
    Have you tried a CD in the drive as well? If that works then that's something to go on.
    My first instinct would be to give the drive a clean with a proper disc based lens cleaner (so long as it will accept it).
    If it doesn't you are still under warranty, so take it back pronto.
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    It's being really selective, I've been trying different discs for a little while now. It'll accept one Batman disc, but not another (same movie). It will accept a CD, but it won't accept a handful that read perfectly a few days ago. So I really have no idea what to think about it. No cleaner has been tried yet. I'll see if I can find one though and give it a shot.

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