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    MacBook Pro Problem
    As of last night I have been having issues with my macbook pro. What it is doing is what it seems like is going to sleep. The display just goes black, its still on, but there is no picture. And when I shut it off, and turn it back on, all it is, is a black screen. I took the battery out and put it back in and it does the same thing. Last night I got it to turn on without the battery, using the plug, but this morning I can't even do that. I did update the software and firmware last week as well.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Hmmm... the computer is still running, but the screen is black? I am having issues with my screen and it's a physical connection problem. Try pressing (lightly) around the parameter of the screen and see if that does anything. Mine will sometimes go blank, and if I press in the lower right hand corner it will come back. It takes some patience, but eventually it comes back.

    If it is the physical screen I hope you have AppleCare. if not, I got quoted $815 for parts and labor. I am trying to get another computer and then I think I will do the work myself.

    Good Luck let us know what happens

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