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    Oct 15, 2009
    Question Will macbook pro 2.2GHz handle HD video editing with FCP?
    hey guys,

    Can anyone tell me if a 2.2Ghz macbook pro handles HD video editing with final cut pro? thanks,


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    Oct 24, 2009
    I got the same situation...
    I don't have the $ to buy a muscle g5, so I just purchased some ram and a new hardrive to max up my macbookpro.... 6gbRAM and 500gb harddrive @ 72000rpm... form

    Quantity: 1 OWC5300DDR2S6GP, $184.99 each
    6.0GB (2GB + 4GB Module Set) Upgrade kit for MacBook(Late 2007/Early 2008, MacBook Pro(Mid/Late 2007, Early 2008), and iMac (Late 2007) systems with Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa or Penryn processor. Lifetime Warranty.

    Quantity: 1 SEAST9500420AS, $134.99 each
    500GB 2.5" Seagate Momentus 7200.4 7200RPM **SATA** Notebook drive with 16MB Cache - New with 3 Year Seagate Warranty.

    I already have a (G-Tech G-DRIVE Q - Hard drive - 1 TB - external - FireWire / FireWire 800 / Hi-Speed USB / eSATA - 7200 rpm - titanium) , and that's where I'll be working and saving al my fcp7 files...I hope it'll be enough since I'm just working with about 30 min of HD video... Can anyone confirm....

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    Oct 14, 2009
    13" Macbook Pro 2.53GHz; 4GB RAM; GeForce 9400M
    For video editing, I found the factors for performance was graphics card and RAM. 4GB or more should be more than adequate. Graphics card should be dedicated (Geforce 8600, 9600, etc.) but I have read the 9400M handles FCP well. Also, hard drive space will be vital, especially with HD content. A small project can go well into the 100GB.
    13" Macbook Pro 2.53GHz w/ 4GB RAM

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