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    Angry Help!!
    I just got my 12 inch PowerBook G4 a few days ago. It was working igreat. Today I went out and it bought an Airport Extrme. I installed it at the Apple Store. I restarted and it worked. I got it home and got the screen with 7 langauages and all that crap(kernel panic). I called Applne Tech Support, they said reinstall OS X. I did, then when I was out tonight I had it update to os 10.2.6 from 10.2.3. I got home and restarted it and got Kernel Panic on startup. What do I do? I have gotten everytime I restart. What do I do? I need to use this PowerBook! HELP ME

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    Try this, when you reinstall OSX partion the disk. make two disks..

    but first when you imideiatly restart press command (the apple key) + s and that will open single user mode. It will be all in unix and such like the terminal. It will go thur its speil then it will stop and type in "fsck -y" and press return or enter. Then it will go thru its speil (u will know when its done) if it found an error it will fix it.. then type reboot.

    that should help a bit. or your HD may be faulty.

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