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    Question I'm looking to get a new Mac notebook
    Hi there looking for a little info - I'm looking to get a new laptop - I've only ever had normal windows pc laptops but I did media studies gcse and a level a couple of years ago and it was completely mac based and ever since I've wanted one of my own.

    Anyway I mainly use my laptop for the usual internet browsing/email/msn messenger/photo's/music etc. I also do a bit of editing here and there (when i was doing media at college we used final cut but at the price of it i dont think ill be getting it straight away so whats the "imovie" program like? Is it pretty much the same thing as windows movie maker or is it better...hopefully? lol) I guess the editing is the main reason I'd prefer mac to a windows but any general info about which is better will be greatly appreciated :-)

    Thanks for any help :-) spending this much money is not something I can do lightly :-P want to get as much info as possible...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mybrightidea View Post
    ...any general info about which is better will be greatly appreciated...
    Do you mean which is better Mac > PC or iMovie > Windows Movie Maker? Either way the answer is Mac or iMovie. I don't have experience with Windows Movie Maker, but I do know that iMovie will let you edit, crop, merge etc. at least as well as WMM. As far as Mac > PC. Mac all the way. It's hard to describe why Mac feels better to me. All I can say is that, as you may already know, you won't be disappointed and will feel how Mac just flows and works and does what you want very smoothly. I too was worried before buying my MBP. I was cautious as to whether it would be able to run my games I play. I bought it and it runs my games very well and not at all choppy. The GPU is very powerful for it's spec's.
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    MacBookPro's are very capable and as money is a factor Used is Ok but make sure any used is;
    not ex lease,
    only had one owner and has original packaging and includes install disc,
    and if u are real lucky u will find one that is less than 12 months old which means the ability to buy the extended warranty for another 2 years.
    Dont go for one older than 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo and you will have a nice unit.

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