The Macbook I am asking about is my daughter's. It was working fine, and she took it to school and it ran out of battery. She brought it home and it wouldn't charge. She used friends' chargers as well and no luck. Upon taking it to Apple store, they did a cursory inspection and said they saw liquid residue near the battery. There was something a little sticky, but it did not look like it was any more than a surface problem. They warned us that our Icare would not cover liquid damage, but my daughter was sure there was no liquid around the computer. In fact, it has a plastic cover on it.
Upon sending it to repair, of course they said there was liquid damage, and slapped us with a bill of 775 to repair the logic board - could they be wrong? Could the problem be in the charging port? For some reason, I don't trust their diagnosis. We have the computer back, and when plugging in the charger there is a soft green light for a moment, then the light starts flashing yellow/orange. There is no sign of life on the computer.
Any thoughts?