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justboy 10-13-2009 09:07 AM

worth selling?
Hi guys, since I'm not actually selling anything, I guess it should go here and not in the for sale section? (First post)

I've had a macbook for about 3 years now, the original core duo one and think it's about time for an upgrade. I really want to get another macbook so I'm hoping I could sell this one to offset the cost a little. My problem is that it has been used (and abused) extensively, and I'm not 100% sure I could sell it for a decent price. The main problems are general scratching all over the outer shell, some discolouration, very poor remaining battery life (1.5 hours max), 3 vertical lines of blue pixels on the screen, and finally, a crack in the casing to the right of the screen. (I think the screw houses broke, so now it's loose at that side.)

Does anyone think I could get much of anything for this? If not for sale on ebay, via a trade-in scheme or something?

Cheers, and sorry for the long post.

cuhnool 10-13-2009 11:41 AM

You could find someone looking to buy worn/damaged laptops. I have seen them around before, for various products.

cwa107 10-13-2009 12:36 PM

The original Core Duo models are going for less than $500 in decent shape. If you subtract the money it would cost to repair the non-cosmetic issues, I'd be willing to bet you could get about $200 for it (on eBay, of course - not here since you haven't been a member long enough to participate in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum).

cwa107 10-13-2009 12:36 PM

NOTE: Thread moved to appropriate forum. Not just anything goes in Anything Goes

VintageApple 10-13-2009 11:25 PM

Are the lines a problem with the screen itself or with the internal video card? Do they show up when you hook it into an external monitor? If it works properly with an external monitor, then it would still have some value in the logic board and other internal parts. If the video card is going bad then, yeah, I'd say it's pretty worthless.

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