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    New Macbook Pro doesnt boot up

    I have just opened my new Macbook Pro. I have purchased from a well know reseller site.

    I have removed the notebook from its box and plugged in the power adaptor.

    When I try to power the unit on I get no display and a number of load beeps. To stop this I need to hold the power button in for 5-10 seconds. I hear the hard drive stop spinning and the beeps stop.

    The same happens with power out. I have check the power button and it shows the device is nearly fully charged.

    Please help as new to mac!


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    several beeps on boot indicate a RAM problem. Remove the battery and reseat the RAM inside. You may have to unscrew a small plate to get to the levers. Did you have the reseller upgrade the RAM? Check that the RAM matches what belongs in the machine.

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    If your MBP is the new uni style then you won't be able to check the RAM solely without unscrewing the entire back plate. I would say bring it in to Apple and keep whatever care plan the computer still has on it.

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