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    Unhappy MBP to LG Brand HDTV - SOUND?
    Losing my mind on this one and can't seem to find an answer anywhere... Connected my new LG HDTV to my MacBook pro to stream Netflix. I get great video by running from the MacBook's DVI into the LG's HDMI (I have a MBP from '07, which still had the full size DVI port). However I cannot get any audio... There does not appear to be a way for the LG to get the audio from the HDMI cable -- and I get nothing when going from my MacBook headphone jack to the "audio in" option

    Each of the other input options for audio is paired to another peripheral.... In other words, I can get video, I can get audio, but not both together. Has anyone got a workaround? Back of LG attached in JPEG.
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    It looks like you might have to go with the RGB input, instead of the HDMI input. That way you can use the RGB audio input.

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    Note: I have not kept up with all the changes being made in connectivity over the last couple of model years and haven't played around with LG's specifically. But, it looks like it should work on that TV according to LG's manual.

    You are using the Audio In - 'RGB/DVI' correct? Important to note that it does say RGB/DVI on the back of your TV.

    You've probably already read the manual since you've got the pics posted for us. It does not mention anything about additional settings to get sound for a DVI source and did not find a manual for the remote on their site, so I'm at a loss also.

    Your next option as Davanw pointed out is to change to VGA, but:

    Think I'd call LG and ask them about it or:

    Head over to the AVS forum - see if you can find someone connecting their PC to the LG. Search first for your specific model number or at least the same model series, LG50, LG60, etc.

    If you end up posting, there is no need to mention you are using a Mac. It is irrelevant in regards to this and some Win users shut down when they hear Mac. Just say you're connecting your PC (personal computer) as stated above.

    Might try this forum there.
    LCD Flat Panel Displays - AVS Forum

    One other thought, make sure you've at least gone into System Preferences - Sound - Output tab and that it has auto switched to the headphone jack instead of the internal speakers.
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    Your MacBook will not output audio thru hdmi as it does not handle hdmi natively. You need to patch audio thru the audio out of MacBook to an audio input that coresponds to the hdmi input on your tv.
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