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Thread: HDMI adapter woes.

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    Aug 29, 2009
    Angry HDMI adapter woes.
    I picked up the HDMI adapter for my book and hooked it to my sharp Aquos TV..

    it worked perfect, it detected the TV, and the resolution.. I turned on mirroring and my desktop popped up on the screen.. all good right?

    well I close the notebook, it goes to sleep.. fine

    I click the BT mouse and it wakes up, the desktop pops up on the screen and the TV shows the correct resolution.. for about 1 second.. then the TV goes black.. "unsupported resolution" pops up on the screen...

    if I boot the Book and immediatly close the display, I get the APPLE logo on the TV screen, but as soon as it gets to where it is time to load the desktop, the TV just shows HDMI ----- then flashes the "unsupported resolution" message.

    why the **** is the notebook changing the output res to the TV when I close it?

    Everything looks good in the display settings, the TV is set at 1080i, the book is set at 1440x900 .. it should work perfect, and with mirroring on it goes, but if i try to JUST use the TV.. the wheels fall off (so to speak)

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    Understand if mirroring is on there is nothing to display when the screen is closed. I believe you will Need to uncheck mirroring and set the tv as the main monitor. It should be just just like using a second monitor.

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    Aug 29, 2009
    Turning off mirroring did not help.

    with the laptop open, I get the desktop on the laptop, and a starry night sky background on the TV..

    I close the laptop, it goes to sleep, I wake it with the mouse.. the image pops on the TV for a split second then goes to "unsupported resolution"

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Is the laptop plugged into power or are you running off battery?

    For some reason I found I couldn't wake the laptop up to output to a TV if I wasn't plugged into power.

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    Aug 29, 2009
    FYI, this WAS fixed over the phone in about 3 hours of talking to apple, deleting files, changing things in files, more than I could ever hope to remember, then after I installed snow leopard, it started all over again. Apple wont help me anymore (didn't buy applecare) And I am again having this issue.

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