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    ibook g4 12"
    Hi there, forgive me its probably a stupid question but im not that technically minded. I bought I recon ibook g4 12" gig half ram 133 processor ext. while back had problems with other ones from the place that sold it too me after a big fuss finnally got a good one, I think most of the problems were to do with a crap opperating system. this one has started playing jerky video.internet has slowed down a bit. I think the version leopard they put on isnt great. however I do have a pucker copy of tiger from my last mac.

    does any one think its worth going to the trouble of putting it on, will my computer work better, could i just fix the video problem.

    my last mac was a desk top jobby, will it matter if i put the same opperating system on a lap top, as the last one didnt have wifi ext so will it work just fine on laptop and just automaticly detect wifi. will my laptop be ok basically. im used to pcs and you have to get drivers for them ext will the laptop just work.

    hope some of that makes sense.:

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    The problem is not with the operating system, but with the hardware of the computer itself. The iBook used a PowerPC processor, which has now been discontinued and replaced by Intel. Macs have not used PowerPC processors in about four years, and they are obsolete now. Most web browsing will be very slow and you will have a lot of trouble with Flash heavy websites, such as YouTube, and a vast majority of the internet. All new versions of Mac OS X will not support PowerPC, and most if not all new software being developed is being made for Intel only. If I were you I would think about investing in a newer machine, with an Intel processor.

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