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    Run Powerbook powerpc G4 from external harddrive?
    Is this feasible? To run a powerbook powerpc G4 from an external hard drive? I have 160 GB SATA from my G5, with Tiger 10.4.11, all my files, etc. G5 is pushing up daisies, bad power supply. I was thinking of getting an enclosure. Then I thought "why not use it to run the powerbook?"

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    If u put the HD in an enclosure and connect by Firewire to G4 u should be able to start by holding option key after power on and select that drive to boot off.

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    quick update, I got it working. Will be doing a backup as soon as I get back from my errand run, need to get some blank disks. Woo hoo, fun saturday night playing around with my computer.

    I can run my Tiger on the laptop from the enclosure. If I burn a backup disk, can I use that as a boot disk in the DVD player?

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