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    Unhappy Upgraded RAM - Macbook won't start
    Hi there!

    I purchased a used Macbook 2ghz today. It ran perfectly when I got it. I had already bought the right RAM-sticks for it, so I upgraded it as told in the manual as in the tutorials on youtube. But now, my Macbook won't power on - NOTHING happens, when I press the powerbutton, and I've tried the most with my RAM - Inserting the original ones, placing the 2gb upgrade various places and so on - But nothing. I may or may not be applying the RAM wrong, which right now seems like the only likely problem, BUT:

    If I do something wrong, then what could it be? My pressure on the RAM-sticks to fit has become bigger and bigger, and I really don't think it's that.. So, what could I do wrong here?

    And could it be something else?

    HOW can I get my MacBook to work - I will greatly appreciate ANY help


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    I don't think it's the memory. Even if one of the modules were bad, the machine would still power on. And since you replaced the modules with the originals and the same thing happens, that says the memory is probably OK.

    Check all the obvious things... power adapter, battery compartment, and so on. Also take a look at the following Apple KB article: LINK

    Where did you purchase the MacBook from? Do you have any kind of warranty or can you return it to the seller?


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    Try resetting the SMC here see if that helps.

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    Thanks guys, but nothing happens at all. Not even a tiny beep. I swear to god that I followed the Apple manual 100%.. It's so strange

    Any other thoughts on how to get me going with this my first Mac? (NOT the best intro to this world, I'm afraid..)

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    Anyone? I'm pretty darn bummed about this..

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