Hi all,

I have a G4 aluminum Powerbook a few years old. Suddenly the cursor behaves as if I were always holding down the thumb mouse. Select rectangles form on the desktop if I move the cursor, windows get dragged, if I try to select an icon, it gets dragged. I cannot use the dock.

This occurs only after some minutes of use. If I connect an external keyboard (as I am doing now) it can prevent the effect from kicking in, but not always. The only remedy is to restart. But I must use an external keyboard and mouse if I want try to prevent it.

But, often the external mouse-click stops working. The clicks have no effect, and I must use the thumb mouse. But that is likely to set off this "permanent select" effect. I've never spilled anything into it, and the thumb mouse feels like it's normal (if that can be determined by "feel"). I guess it's time for the shop? Or a new computer?