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    13" MBP to Samsung LCD TV problems
    I'm trying to connect my 13" MBP to my Samsung LCD TV (LN55B650). I got a MiniPort to HDMI adapter and am trying to connect via HDMI to the TV. It appears that the MBP sees the TV, but the TV is not accepting the MBP. I've found several old posts mentioning the problem, but no solutions. I would think this the the TV's problem, but several posts mentioned Apple working on a fix. How anybody else had this problem and got it to work?
    The TV also has a 15-pin input, but all the recommendations I read suggested HDMI. Should I try to find another adapter and cable?


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    i have the exact same problem....i have a 2009 15' MBP and when i hook it up the MBP detects it but nothing on the TV....(tv has components, RCA, VGA, HDMI ports..i prefer HDMI)

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    I got this working. On my TV you have to use the HDMI/DVI 1 input. The others don't work.

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