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    Possible issue with HDD according to 'IDEFRAG TOBW'
    Posted below is a copy of the error message I receive when I run the error check function in IDefrag

    error check issue

    incomplete defrag process

    What do these mean? Is the program just trying to bait me into buying the full version of the software? Is there a better defrag program for the MAC? The guy at the apple store said my MBP doesn't need to run a defrag program but I find that hard to believe. If macforums agrees that its not needed then I suppose I'll install and get away from my PC ways.


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    Pertaining to defragging your Mac, it just simply is not needed for the vast majority of users.

    Here is the Apple kb article about it and there are more technical articles that can be found with a little googling.

    As an example, I quite literally download and install 150-200 apps a year. Over 90% of them are also uninstalled in a very short time. Not to mention downloading music and video that consequently get moved to the server. We both know what happens to a Windows system volume with this sort of practice.

    The last time I installed iDefrag just to check it out, my system was less than 2% fragmented - and this was 2 years after a clean install. This wouldn't even be a reason to defrag a Windows volume.

    Now I also use other best practices. For example, I never allow any system volume less than 35%+ free space. (Even though I only recommend 20-25% and less than 15% is def bad practice.)

    There may be reasons to defrag as noted in the Apple article - i.e. you're running a volume close to being full coupled with installing and removing large files on an ongoing basis.

    As to the fsck error, that is another matter. I would suggest booting from your OS X install disk and using Disk Utility to run a repair.
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