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    MacbookPro13' and Macbook 13' (Aluminum) have same graphics??
    I was just asking if the macbookpro 13' and the macbook 13'(aluminum2.4Ghz) have the same video card,is there any difference??

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    the 13 macbook pro and macbook have the same graphics card the nvidia 9400m with 256 mb shared v ram with the system ram. The other main difference is the macbook pro has firewire 800, and the macbook only officially supports 4 gigs of ram (unofficially 6 gigs) and the macbook pro supports 8 gigs of ram. Also the macbook pro has the built in battery rated at 7 hours, while the macbook has a removable rated at five i think. Hope that helps

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    Oct 09, 2009
    I saw in youtube a macbook pro running COD4 for mac and it was runnin smoothly in the other side i was playing the same game but laggin like ****

    any suggestion?
    I have the macbbok

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    Suggestion? If you want to play it that way... buy the Macbook Pro.

    It has a dedicated graphics processor, with 256 or 512 mb's.

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