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    Oct 08, 2009
    f1-f9 keys and right shift not working
    Just started happening. Have tried to follow previous advice. Went into system preferences keyboard and mouse and unchecked use f1 f2 keys as standard function keys. Has worked temporarily but problem returns and persists despite this option being unchecked. (sometimes it unchecking the box doesn't work at all) any ideas?

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    The problem returns after launching which application?

    My best guess, you need to figure this out.
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    Oct 08, 2009
    i just quit some application (firefox, tweetdeck) put my mac to sleep came back 40 minutes later and the problem has resumed...

    still haven't figured out exactly what is controlling this problem. Might it have something to do with international in system preferences?

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    Oct 08, 2009
    just turned on again after 20 minutes of chatting on adium
    seems to come and go randomly

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    Dec 29, 2009
    Having same problem for a long time and some extra details
    Hi, I Got desperate now to solve since im trying to use my macbookpro for work.....

    The f1-f9 will not work at all and also the right shift key.

    I have try cleaning under the keys, not help and anyway wasnt that dirty.

    It started ramdomly like a year ago, having problems when logged into FB with some apps running (like poker ) so i did not mind to much. But now a days the problem is happening almost everytime. By example today i turn on the mac and was working everything including the shift key for a while then no more.... no matter what i do, like restarting powering off and on, setting the fn key as requiered or use to help but now a days there is not way to make it work..... i had remap the brightness keys so i can still work...but its so disapointing (specially when adding to anotehr problem with the self assigned ip on wireless conection.....)

    my mac os is 10.5.8 and this is a macbookpro1.1 intel core duo 1.83.

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    Dec 29, 2009
    Well new discovery, today i was paying a lot of attention to the moment when they stop working....
    When i leave my computer ussually i force it to go to screensaver (and the screensaver requires password when go back)... Just after going back from the screen saver the keys stop working.
    MY screensaver at the moment was the ElectricShip thing....
    i took it out and set one of apple's standards.... i went on screensaver again and now is working but lets see if it is a casuality or that was the problem.

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    Jan 14, 2010
    Hey, I'm having the same problem (F1-F9 + right shift not working) with my wireless keyboard (pre 2009), has anyone resolved the problem?
    I'm on a macbook pro with snow leopard.

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    Feb 27, 2010
    I'm also having this EXACT same problem. I have macbook pro, not exactly sure which hardware version but I know it's definitely not the latest. Probably around 2 generations ago. My software is OSX 10.5.8

    Obviously a few people are experiencing this, so, can someone find a solution please? Eh.. :/

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