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Thread: lid problem?

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    Unhappy lid problem?
    hello all!
    i just bought a new macbook pro unibody 13", and i noticed somethin that is bugging me. when i close the lid of the notebook, it closes perfectly....but if i run my fingers along the two sides, it feels as if at left hand side the lid is a bit sticking out...that is it feels as if the whole display and lid setup ( i.e. the wjole top flap) has slid twoards the left a bit. it cant be more than .02 to .05 mm as nothing is visible to the eye, it only feels like that if i run my fingers along the sides. has the lid really been fixed a bit too the left, or do you guys think its a perception problem?

    thanx in advance for your early response. you guys are the best!!!

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    I just looked at my friends 13 and he has the same issue, jus ton the other side my 15 is ok ... you can try getting it fixed, but probably not worth the time

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    Mine is at the repairshop for the same problem, the left corner stick out, the corner hinge unglue of the lid, Apple care said it was abuse and I told them I bought the demo, so the store told them to repair it, it cost 1043,24$ to fix it, Apple is the most expensive on the market on fixing their computor, I'm still waiting the come back, so It take more more two weeks to repair and I've use it less than two weeks.
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