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Thread: My MacBook Pro fell out of my bed

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    My MacBook Pro fell out of my bed
    I am currently living in Kunming, a small city in southern China where the use of apple computers is not very incorporated.

    As you can read in the title I stupidly kicked my MacBook out of my bed while I was sleeping.

    There is no visible damage and the bed wasn't too high but there is internal damage:

    First when I tried to turn it on an icon appeared in shape of a file with a question mark on it. And it didn't go away, I couldn't go to my desktop

    I thought the battery might have been displaced due to the fall so I took it out and put it back.

    Since doing that, when I start up my MacBook, the apple logo appears and my computer shuts down after five minutes.

    I went to a small Apple shop inside the local carrefour here where they told me they only sell computers. So they transferred me to a bigger Apple shop

    In the bigger Apple shop they told me (as I expected) that I'm not covered because I dropped out of my bed.

    The strange thing is that he transferred me to a general IT-store where they hardly sell anything that has to do with Apple instead of charging me a fee to have it repaired by the hands of Apple. Which seems contradictory to the Apple worldwide customer service.

    Is there anybody who knows what the official company policy is in this specific situation and can clarify my options?

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    I will let someone else cover the policy part as I really don't know and especially out of the USA.

    I feel what happened is when you kicked it out of the bed it jarred the hard drive and damaged it. Do you have the DVD's that came with the machine? If so put in DVD #1 and hold down C after the startup sound. See if it will boot from the DVD. Also on the same DVD if you hold down the D key after the startup sound you will load the Apple Hardware Test. Run the extended test and see what it says.

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    Is anybody aware of a customer helping phone line?

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    heres a link to authorized service companies in china. Found the link on apples site. heres the chinese apple support phone number that is also on their site. (86) 4006-272273. a little research doesn't hurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregwaut View Post
    Is anybody aware of a customer helping phone line?
    Did you try what dtravis7 suggested? The indication you're receiving from the machine (icon with ?) is that it's likely the hard drive was damaged from the fall.


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