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    The SuperDrive on my MBP died, and I took it to one of the local Apple Stores on Friday. They checked, saw that yeah, it was dead (DVD movie ejected; blank DVD-ROM not recognized; music CD ejected), and took it in for repairs.

    Apparently they didn't have that model of SuperDrive in stock, and it arrived yesterday.

    Is it normal for them to not keep stock of things like that in stock? Is it always their policy to take the machine in order to hold onto it until the stock comes in, instead of saying they need to order so the machine can be used until the parts are actually there and ready to be used?

    Another issue is that my workplace blocks the Apple Support page (not anything ELSE, just support), and the repair status page doesn't work very well on my iPhone, so checking on this is ....interesting.

    My MBP is my main machine for everything and I would like it back; if they'd told me they had to wait for parts, I wouldn't be irritated. (and I went to the first option I had for scheduling, too... well, second, but a 3AM appointment at the 59th Street store isn't really viable if I want to do anything at all the next day.)
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    I haven't taken mine in to an Apple Store for repair, but if they're so backed up they scheduled an appointment at 3AM, they've got more problems than you think!

    The apple tech at work never seems to have parts either - he can only order parts if he has the serials or the machines in to work on them, so go figure.

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