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    Switching Harddrives to a New Comp
    Hey guys right now I have a the Black Macbook 13" 2.0 GHZ, which I installed a 320 gb harddrive on. Now I wanted to upgrade to a new Macbook pro, but they come with a 120gb harddrive and I don't want to pay for the upgrade price. Can I just take the harddrive out of my Black Macbook and put it in the new macbook pro or does it not work like that? Thanks

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    If you are just wanting to take the hard drive out of the Black MacBook and put it in to the MBP with out reinstalling the OS that will most likely not work properly they are different machines and will not function correctly ..

    You should back up all of the information off of the Black MB and do a fresh install on the MBP or archive and install.. but just a straight swap will most likely not work.
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    A direct swap won't work. You'll need to backup whatever data from the 320 GB you need and save it to another drive. Use Disk Utility to erase the 320 GB drive and reformat it as HFS+. Then you can use cloning software (SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner) to clone the contents of the 120 GB drive to the 320 GB. Now you can swap the drives and restore your data to the 320 GB drive. Applications will have to be re-installed in order to work properly.


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