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Thread: is this hard drive compatible ?

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    Oct 07, 2009
    is this hard drive compatible ?
    Apple iBook G4/1.33 14-Inch (Late 2004 - Op) Specs (M9627LL/A*)

    Western Digital - Scorpio Blue 320GB Internal EIDE Hard Drive for Laptops - WD3200BEVERTL

    is this the same drive owc sells as WD3200BEVE

    is the RTL at the end of WD3200BEVERTL reference to a retail package as opposed to what owc sells but without the packaging ?

    the best buy specs show the Data transfer rates up to 133MB/sec.

    unless i'm misreading the specs,

    the owc specs show the Data transfer rates up to 100MB/sec.

    it looks like what I need but not sure.

    i have a tech guy that's going to do the switch and want to make sure i'm not wasting his time with the wrong hard drive.

    are eide drives interchangeable with ata-100's ?

    thanks for any input, brian

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    Oct 07, 2009
    i'm gonna bump this up - probably should have waited till morning to post originally - live and learn - anyway, anybody have any input on this ? - thanks, brian

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    brian. this should work but to be honest I am not sure ...

    The things you should be worried about is if it will fit and heat. .. I have placed 120GB drives in to the iBooks and there were no problems.. with fit or heat

    The drive is capable of going faster than the ata controller on the ibook .. but it will only go as fast as the controler..

    I think you will be safe going with this one but just make sure bestbuy will take it back if it does not fit or work for some reason
    Ce's GeekBook PC guru wana Be turned Mac geek

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