Hello all,

I'm new to these forums so please excuse me if there is already a thread on this. I searched to no avail, so I'll go ahead and post this.

My question is regarding the anatomy of the MacBook Pro 13 inch unibody. I purchased it last Thursday and I am loving it so far. However, today a small bug was crawling near the top (by the keypad) and I instinctly blew it off. My problem is that it may have gone into the Mac itself .

This being said, is the vent under the screen connected to the rest of the computer. And if it is, is there a filter between the vent and the fan? I promptly vacummed the computer, so if there is a filter, the bug would have been removed (assuming it went into the fan/keyboard in the first place).

Can anyone provide any insight into this? Is there a filter between the vent and the rest of the computer? Thanks guys!

-A. Ga
San Jose, CA